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Lathey Counselling
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The footings and supporting walls of a building, or in the case of renovations and maintenance work maybe scaffolding, will support a building's core strength. 
With the human condition, a positive and healthy state of psychological health, works as a solid and supportive base for our lives. We store emotion, dreams, desires, lusts and fears, loss, heartbreak, frustration, motivation and much much more in our conscious and unconscious minds. Conditioned by circumstance and experience, cultural and media influences etc we are a product of our core personality, our lives and those people and experiences in it. We are active and enduring spirited beings, we love, we try, we grow we develop and we achieve. However we also occasionally crash, we have unmet needs and we cry, we struggle, we get angry and we feel many many emotions. It's when these mental crashes be they small and niggly or caused by major conditions or live events occur that we need to check on that scaffolding. Will it support us or do we need to tighten the joints add more poles or a prop or two in carefully chosen positions. From mental health conditions to disorders and life events our mental health is crucial in maintaining a happiness and a feeling of safety and security in our lives as a whole. Ignore your mental health at your peril!
Government and NHS have recognised the impact of poor mental health in recent years setting up services such as 'Improving Access to Psychological Therapies' (IAPS) which is free at point of delivery but the waiting lists are often very long. More needs to be done as we move forward. In the meantime there's private practice and a huge variety of services within it. If you think that your mental health could use some support here and there from niggles and decisions, to major life events, give me a call and we can have a five minute chat to see if counselling may enable a way forward or provide much needed support, without the waiting lists or a Dr referral. 07989 042 688 My name is Angela. I look forward to speaking with you.

I am 49. for many years, I enjoyed mentoring and coaching others to find their way, as a volunteer. I trained as a counsellor to broaden that work and most of my time is now spent supporting the self development of myself and emotional welfare of others. I consider myself to be a communicator and an enabler of change. People are my passion. 
I love to travel when I am able, in order to enrich my world by interacting with new cultures and people. I am an animal lover and experienced dog trainer.

Well, that's a little about who I am; let's see why I believe I may be able to help you.

I concluded my diploma training with the National Health Service at Inter-Psyche Dartford. My earlier courses were in Dartford and Gravesend and in Adult Education.  I trained in sand therapy and can offer sand work (see the picture below) and therapy with play or art elements. 

More recently I trained in Animal Assisted work with SCAS and continue to attend personal development courses. Therefore I have a few ideas up my sleeve most of the time about how to fit therapies to people.

I have a specialist interest in areas such as domestic violence cases, where a client has experienced sexual abuse, cognitive disorders, ADHD, loss and the elderly. However, I am fully trained to take on many other subject matters and am happy to do so. I have an open and non-judgemental, accepting nature and will receive your experience on a human level, providing the environment you need to process and talk through difficulties within a truly trusting and safe client/counsellor relationship.

I work full-time as a private practitioner and work with those over 18 years of age. I appreciate the variety of working with many different issues and people. I have experience working in sexual abuse related work, physical abuse and relationship issues as well as non abusive sexual difficulties. (For information: I do not take couples at this time). 

Those living with cognitive disorders such as ADHD and Autism can benefit from therapy with animals. Individuals experiencing Autism may particularly gain benefit from AAI. Working perhaps together with a therapy dog. 
I can also assist with stroke-recovery and cancer/medical trauma, combining your Dr. assigned physiotherapy with AAT to create a fun and enthusing environment for an often laborious and tedious treatment programme. I work with animal related issues such as pet loss and bereavement too. 

I work integratively, drawing on many different therapeutic styles and theories; no one case is like another. You can be assured of a bespoke and individual experience in therapy with me. 
My style is gentle. I have no couches to ask you to lay on and no notebooks in our sessions. There's nothing wrong with that style, but it's not me.
So if you feel like screaming or you have noticed a problem you are frightened to speak out about, whatever your concern be it cancer, anxiety, gender issues or work? Hate your job but don't know how to change things? 
Want to be able to be yourself in front of loved ones and the world? Are you struggling with that? Maybe a relationship or dread of an upcoming family occasion. Arguments all the time?

Book a no-obligation evaluation/Assessment session, for no charge, just call
07989 042688 for
an appointment.

Am I The Counsellor for You?
I'll work with you, in confidence, to enable you to make sense of things, form decisions or just unload. An initial meeting with me will allow us both to ascertain how we could work together and whether I am the right counsellor for you. You will be able to offload emotional worries and explain your needs and feelings about counselling. 

We need to ensure that I am able to help, that we get on well in the working environment and that my skills match your needs. Also that you feel relaxed comfortable and safe. Being yourself can be hard work and sometimes terrifying. You will need to be able, to be open and honest in the room or be working towards it from the start. 

The best way to find appropriate assistance is to shop around. When you seek to find a well suited counsellor, you'll find they may work in different ways. My work is underpinned by the BACP code of ethics and insured. If I feel for any reason that we are not a good match for your needs, I will tell you and explain why I believe this to be the case. I can refer you on to someone more suited after discussion if this is necessary. 

I embrace difference, diversity and change in an accepting and empathetic manner. You can be assured of my unconditional acceptance whatever your self concept or state of being. 

We are all unique, precious and all valuable. I find few of us fit the typical mould in reality, and each of us have our own unique 'Normal'.
If any of the above strikes a cord maybe I can help.

Like a tiny ladybird
 in a great big garden, the world can seem overwhelming, scary and filled with uncertainty danger and judgement. You may be frightened right now. I will accept you unconditionally, offer support and empathetic listening. 

I am a registered member

of the British Association of

Counsellors and 


I am bound by their Code of 


I have been studying with the Society for Companion Animal Studies and have a certificate in Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapy (AAI/AAT)