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Why talk to a professional?

When things get tough, it can help to talk it through, to process emotional affect and find a practical way forward. 

We might chose a parent/friend/priest. In an ideal world this would be easy, worthwhile and indeed some of the time it may be... and that's great...
However, some subjects? maybe not. It may be inappropriate, feel risky, ... or may even be unhelpful, to talk to a friend or relation.  We sometimes need a guarantee of unconditional acceptance, non-judgemental empathic understanding and a person unconnected with ourselves and our situation. Someone who will ensure things remain confidential.

How might Professional Counselling help me

Counselling may enable you to see things more clearly and understand your concerns from new perspectives. Short term, it may assist with processing your emotions or enable you to find ways to cope until the issue is settled for you. In the longer term, we can work collaboratively to see the bigger picture and draw from the past to understand how you feel, thus enabling acceptance of self and others and facilitate emotional shift.

Self-refer for an
Evaluation Appointment

If you feel powerless or lost, counselling may help you to feel more grounded and secure. Maybe you don't understand what's going on with your body, relationship, career or family. Mid-life crisis? Nightmare wedding-planning or upcoming event? Or just feeling stuck? Give me a call and let's work on that. I am equally happy to converse via text or email for enquiry purposes, if you find that easier. 

There is also an enquiry form at the bottom of the page if you want me to contact you. I do not need to know lots of personal details or detailed information about your presenting issue or concern prior to assessment. Call to arrange a 50 minute meeting when we can assess your situation together and discover if counselling could be the help you need. There is no obligation to continue. 

Terms and conditions

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